Suburban Thunder Improv Company, spawned in the friendly confines of the docile San Francisco Bay Area bedroom community of San Ramon, is unique among improvisers.  Over the past decade, we have scoured the bedrooms of this sleepy neighborhood for closet improvisers - people with a penchant for play in between commutes to their workplaces during the day.  Holding their craziness inside for 8-12 hours a day in the "real world", these vampires of the stage come out at night, incisors flashing.  ST!C is made up of software engineers, seedy consultants, voyeuristic therapists, retired firemen, old men and hot women plus a broad swath of other representatives of the lunatic fringe. None of us are pros - but we are poetry in improv!

Thank you to all who came to our Monkey See, Monkey Do Improv Show on Sunday! Thank you for your support and your donations!


Our next show is Saturday, October 29 at 8pm

Halloween Spooktacular!
 Celebrate Halloween with this scary treat for you! Watch ST!C versus  special guests "The Anomalies" from the Lawrence Livermore Lab compete against each other for bragging rights!  Come on down for some spooky fun and be a part of the show with suggestions and root for your favorite team!​
Suitable for ages 14+. Tickets $10. 

we are IMPROV!

watch IMPROV!

Want to try an improv class without making a commitment to a whole session? Or do you want a fun refresher to get back in your game?

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