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Pumpkin: ST!C Guest Performer

Mike has enjoyed improv for a few years. His mom inspired him to give improv a try by saying late in her life "if I had to do it all again, then I think I would be a circus clown." Mike decided to not wait for "later in life", but rather to scare himself by daring himself to try. After all, "Life is a daring adventure or nothing at all." - Helen Keller. • Mike hopes to make you laugh, but mostly aspires to keep you engaged, entertained, and moved.


Spike: ST!C Guest Performer

Mike created our Suburban Thunder Improv Company logo and performs with ST!C when he needs a dose of laughter!


Michael: ST!C Alumnus

Michael recently had the great opportunity to move on to a new chapter in his story. We congratulate him, and his wife, on their wonderful new adventure. And look forward to seeing him with whatever new improv group he takes over! • The dram-rom version of Michael's bio: Michael's long, clandestine career in the KGB led him to improvisational comedy. Deep cover in the capitals of Europe and a decade in the Siberian wasteland positioned him very well for a 'yes, and' world. Intrigue? Always. Loneliness? Sometimes. Torture? Seldom. Take care as you observe his catlike movements and Gollum-esque obsession with love, art, human pain and joy. Little will you know of him midst the shadows and silences of the stage, but perhaps his cold warrior mentality will make you long for the pre-Gorbachev days of wine, roses, and smoking guns. • And now the more serious: Michael got started with improv in misty 1980s Berkeley. He loved the art form so much that he didn't do it again until 2010 in San Ramon. Clearly an homage to the notion of original sin. Now, between cups of Peet's coffee, sunny days on the golf course, or hanging out at the Oakland Coliseum lamenting his poor A's, you can find Michael mining the deeper recesses of his mind on stage at Dougherty Center.


Brodie: Wednesday Troupe

Brodie is a high school student.


Carolee: Wednesday Troupe

Carolee works at a tech company.


David: Wednesday Troupe

David is a high school student.


Diana: Wednesday Troupe

While Diana is a native suburbanite, she has travelled extensively and lived in an actual city a few times. In her life before kids, Diana was a competitive figure skater, dancer, and speech communication major who toiled away in a Silicon Valley cubicle. She is overjoyed to have found the gang at Suburban Thunder!