TeenProv: Performance Workshop

TeenProv: Performance Workshop

Mondays, 645pm-845pm

WINTER SESSION 1/27-3/23 (No class on 2/17)

This session will be geared toward learning competitive improv. Two teams will compete against each other with challenges in the different categories of games. The format will be similar to ComedySportz or Theatersports.

The improvisors will learn more about: game categories, how to challenge each other to specific games, the technical zero, the horn of plenty, scoring of scenes, and how to fail gracefully without taking it personally.

SPRING SESSION 3/30-5/18 (No class on 4/6)

More advanced improv for the teenagers.

Prerequisite: TweenProv, Teen Improv and/or approval of coach.

WINTER San Ramon Rec Guide Activity #5061

SPRING San Ramon Rec Guide Activity #TBA